Choice Morsels From the Word

Please enjoy a Choice Morsel from the selection on the left. These are the devotions as written by Jerry States and published in his book Choice Morsels from the Word.

"Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine. And none of the disciples durst ask him, Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord."
Scripture Reading: John 21:12

Choice Morsels From The Word

These Choice Morsels were written over a period of eight years. Some were written for the back of the bulletin of Tidioute Baptist Church where I was the pastor, and it was called "The Pastor's Comer." After I became disabled and could no longer be a pastor, I continued to write a devotion each week which was sent out by email and thru the postal service; I called it, "The Preacher's Page."

There are enough morsels to have one for each day of the year and some extra for dessert in the back.

We pray that these "Choice Morsels" bring great nourishment to your soul, and will be worth taking the time to savor.

Christ is the Living Bread and He only can satisfy your soul's hunger and cause you to grow more and more each day.

I want to thank Barbara my wife, for the lOO's of hours she spent in typing, retyping, copying, scanning, correcting, collating and any other work she had to do to make this book possible. May God bless her richly for it all, for without her, this would not be possible. We have strived to make this mistake free, but we know that there are mistakes. Please excuse the mistakes, and prayerfully meditate on the Word.

I also want to thank the many friends who helped in making it possible for this book to be completed.

I trust and pray fruit will be produced for many years to come.
- Jerry L. States

All Scripture is from KJV

Printed 2013